We are grateful for the incredibly generous donors whose contributions enable the Home of Good Hope to Provide for the children.

In order to most effectively utilize those dollars our goal is to keep our administrative cost to a minimum. It is also our wish to keep our donors informed about the progress and successes at the Soup Kitchen. To achieve those two very important goals we will post reports on the website every three months.

Home of Good Hope in Namibia Foundation Canadian Board of Directors:

Bob Lingwood, Mike Murphy, Carole Forster, and Barb Asser. Eileen Greene, Executive Director.


eileen greene

Eileen Greene has been deeply and personally involved with the people of Katatura, Namibia for many years. As a nursing instructor, Eileen began taking groups of nursing students from Victoria to the poverty-stricken area of Windhoek to help the local people and to give Victoria nursing students some practical experience dealing with the health concerns of people struggling to get by in a difficult environment.

In 2007 Eileen started a small 'soup kitchen' with the help of a few dedicated local women in order to provide one healthy meal to local children directly affected by the AIDS crisis. While the need of the local children expanded to include hundreds of hungry mouths, increasing the capacity and safety of the operation was always a struggle.

In late 2019, Eileen took the decision, along with the Board of Directors of the Home of Good Hope in Canada, to move the service operation out of Katatura to a more appropriate area with proper plumbing, electricity, and the ability to purchase land and build a permanent centre from which to provide services to those most in need.


Big changes are afoot for Canada's Home of Good Hope in Namibia.

Due to our inability to purchase land, we have made the decision to relocate and start a brand new endeavour. The Ombudsman has declared that the current site is an "unsafe, unhygienic, and unconducive environment".

We will keep you updated and will be breaking ground on a permanent facility in a new location as soon as feasibly possible.

Thank you for your suppor! Eileen.

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