Educational Initiatives

Public schooling from Grade K- 12 in Namibia is now free so children are educated in the public system. Uniforms and school supplies are supplied to families who cannot provide these necessities for their children. The Soup Kitchen ensures that all students have enough food in order to be able to concentrate and learn. Home of Good Hope staff and volunteers help the children with homework.

Nursing students, while volunteering, create supplemental learning opportunities for the children. They play games and do activities that are pertinent to the various age groups. Everyone has fun while child development is assessed.

Scholarships are awarded to recipients, by financial need and academic ability. Student report cards are monitored for a year and academic success determined. Students’ living conditions are assessed with respect to determining financial need.

Scholarship money provides recipient students with school uniforms and school supplies, necessary transportation and study aids e.g., paraffin for candles, to allow for study in the evenings.

The International donors (e.g., Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden) all play a significant role in the scholarship program. As well as primary and secondary education a number of students are supported towards higher education; a select few an opportunity to work abroad on completion of their studies.

Peacemaker Imanga, Monica’s adult son, was such a scholarship recipient. He was able to take the University of Namibia’s Community Development Program. This preparation has given him the background to assist with the day-to-day operations of the Soup Kitchen.

Gender equality is one focus seen to be contextually important in terms of education. Education sessions with the school-aged children help them understand that boys and girls have equal right and responsibilities. Gender equality implies that the interests, needs and priorities of both boys and girls are to be taken into consideration.

Planned activities support gender equality. For example, boys and girls are given equal in opportunities to further their education (e.g., scholarships, homework support) and equal opportunities to join sports teams (e.g., the Home of Good Hope net-ball and soccer teams).

Respectful behaviour is the norm.

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