This note was written by Monica’s adult son Peacemaker…

Hi there Eileen! How are you, I hope you doing fine.

kids-waitingGeorge and I have compiled a list of work and activities we do on a daily biases throughout the week, at the home of good hope. George does most of the morning activities with the smaller children; while I do the cooking back home, for the afternoon children coming from school. However we do the afternoon section together. The whole learning program starts right after the children had their meals and it last for about 2-3hours before they get to do some outdoor sports activities. I have started a soccer team for both boys and girls, and it’s going well so far. I’m just waiting for Brie Neumann to reply on a message I send her earlier, regarding the soccer equipment her dad is willing to donate to the team. Listed below are some of the different activities done during the morning and afternoon section:

Morning activities include:

  • Reading stories to the children
  • Drawing and Coloring
  • Alphabetical and Numerical training (they are taught how to say the alphabet and how to count)
  • Puppet shows, that is done in English [every Friday]
  • Indoor and outdoor sport activities (bowling, playing catch, hand ball)

Afternoon activities include:

  • Homework hour (this is where we help the children with their homework)
  • Story telling (everyday a group of five children gets to tell the other’s a story)
  • Puzzle and word search games
  • Debate on matters effecting the youth
  • Puppet shows, that are done in three local languages  (every Friday)
  • Outdoor sport activities (skipping rope, soccer, hand ball)

Another exciding part of our job is; including our guests (students) in everything we do with the children; we always make sure that our visitors participate in the above mentioned activities, to keep them busy and helpful. We always make sure that they receive a traditional dance welcome from the little kids upon their first arrival to the home of good hope, and take them on a detour around the Goreangab area and its surroundings.

That’s pretty much all that we do at the moment, but we will introduce more activities in due time and make home of good hope a fun place to be for the children, our visitors and everyone. We will keep you updated as to everything happening in and around the soup kitchen, on a weekly basis.

Take care.



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