A Direct Connection Between Canada and Children In Africa

What makes the Home of Good Hope unique is the way it was started and it’s continued direct connection to donors in Canada. This is a small-scale operation administered directly by Eileen Greene from Victoria BC. 100% of your donation will purchase food for the 660+ children that we feed each day with a small portion going to pay a ‘local wage’ to the cook and helpers on the ground in Katatura, Namibia. A small administration budget (most of us volunteer our time and professional services) is covered by a small group of core donors here in Victoria.

We have partnered with Canada Helps in order to collect and process our tax deductible donations.


We have also partnered with Aeroplan to donate miles towards travel for those with Home of Good Hope. If you wish to donate your Aeroplan miles, Aeroplan will match your donation by 10% at no cost to the donor. If you wish to donate, please visit the following link: https://beyondmiles.aeroplan.com/eng/charity/1129