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This was an eventful year for the soup kitchen and it is wonderful to see things progressing in such a positive way. I went to Namibia in May with 8 nursing students, 5 nurses and 2 volunteers. It was life changing for all. Here is a reflection from Corrina Dickens, a hard working young volunteer who cooked and supported soup kitchen staff to ensure that the meals were tasty and nutritional.

Her first impression of the children.

shack-girls“I have never in my life felt desperate innocent love. It feels so pure I cannot keep the tears from welling up in my eyes. What was unexpected was the complete void of sorrow. I felt energized and vibrant being with these children; those precious kids who have so little that our culture cannot grasp it. Yet they are so full of life and love.

When these children hug you they squeeze you and when they say your name they say it back to you like music—big honest smiles upon their beautiful faces. When they sing it is loud and everyone dances in the tiny room; angel voices spilling from the bare open windows. It is something no one can prepare for—no amount of research can explain this strange and wonderful experience—an experience that has shaken me in a way that I know will create a lasting effect.

I feel so many insignificant worries melt from me and I just keep myself in the moment. With these children surrounding me I am at my best. They truly make me feel better, and for that, it is I that OWE them.”- Corrina Dickens

One big accomplished this year was starting a soccer team. One year ago these children had ragged clothes. Today they stand proud in their soccer uniforms. Peacemaker who coaches the team works with him mom at the soup kitchen. In their first tournament a coach was inquiring. “Who runs this team”—Peacemaker nervous that he had done something wrong went forward. The coach was from the National Namibian team and told Peacemaker that he had children on his team that will one day make the National team!

Please feel free to join me in Namibia at any time—you will love it.

Thank you once again for all your support!

Paul Forster has created a wonderful website: www.homeofgoodhope.ca

We will have both a silent and live auction at the dinner. Go on the website to check the items out. Phone in for a reserved bid.

We continue to thank Mike Murphy for his generosity– providing a fun evening of food and wine at Bon Rouge.

Cheers Eileen (Dolly)


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