Quarterly Newsletter – July 2017

Hello Everyone. I am bring you a quick update re the happening at the HOGH over the last three months. The next Newsletter will be more comprehensive as I will spend September in Namibia.

The HoGH management team welcomes Ella Strab who has been hired to assist Thomas and to take over many of the bookkeeping responsibilities Fran had been doing for so many years.

The Trust which will replace the Section 21 Company will have in addition to the current board members five new members.  These new members have been identified as bringing a variety of professional preparations and experiences to the Foundation.

HEALTH We had another physician visit.  Father Mark of the Coptic Church arrived at the HoGH June 26 with 6 volunteer physicians; 3 specialists from Egypt and 3 returning GPs from the Windhoek area.  They were reassessing some of the children and a total of 167 children were examined carefully.

A hair-washing program has commenced as many of the children have a scalp fungus.  Dutch students crowd fund-raised for the cost of the ointment.  They also initiated the creation of an information and instruction sheet for children and parents written in a variety of Namibian dialects.

LAND Purchase – We are continuing to actively pursue our goal to purchase the land upon which we can erect our building and have hired a lawyer to assist Thomas and Monica with this process.

VOLUNTEERS Terrific efforts by so many wonderful people bring much to our charity both through onsite and distance contributions.

Canada Thank you for all your support on the recent fundraiser and the contributions of Aeroplan miles which is taking me to Namibia!

Friends for Friends supported Nursing Students in a tooth- brushing program. Sponsorship from Colgate provided toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Netherlands Maria’s group continues to do great work. They have raised funds to equip the new building. Thank you for the shoe donation.

Aktion Strassenkinder A German company lead by Uwe Waltersbacher have generously donated a container which is en route from Germany. They also have purchased materials to replace a kindergarten which burned down.

EDUCATION– Two on Early Childhood Education Teachers have been hired to assist with organizing educational activities for the younger children and to direct volunteers with educational activities. Linda and Rebecca, two German volunteers, have started a little teaching program in a shack they are renting in the neighborhood. Just us and Paul, (volunteers) are assisting in the afternoon.

Emmanuel Church for their ongoing Wednesday afternoon donation program at the HoGH

Saturday at soup kitchen—fun with Gregory.

Monica with the Children at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Picnic—lots of fun activities and delicious lunch.

Schroders Thank you to Linda for the wonderful gift boxes which lite up the children’s lives.

Thank you to all the HoGH staff for the wonderful work they do as they care for the 850 children, My Best to all, Eileen Greene

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